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so. you know happens on my tumblr sometimes, well its back. i need you.


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I have not been on tumblr all quarter.. where does the time goo…

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I don’t think everyone should be able to use the internet.

Some of the people on the internet today are just idiots. I feel like this can be seen by the people on twitter who make these racist comments about people who do not fit their idea of “american” winning american competitions .events… etc.

This crap bothers me so much, how could there be so many people out there that think this way? More recently in pop culture with the recent tweets on Miss America, and even more recently the winner of America’s Got Talent. 

But this is not the first time I’ve seen this happen before, during the NBA finals there were a giant influx of racist comments about how there was a mexican kid singing the national anthem in San Antonio.

Seriously though, certain remarks like the ones I’ve read make me sick to my stomach. How is it that we, Americans, can say such things about people out there who just chasing their dream. Who cares if they’re not your typical expectation of “American?”

Newsflash bigots, America is a diverse place, and some of your backward ass thinking needs to stop. America is suppose to symbolize a place where people can pursue their dreams, regardless of skin tone. 

My parents and countless people, did not give up their livelihood in another country to come to a country full of judging racist bigots, they came here to work hard and provide a better life for their families. If anything, my family is probably way more American than your entitled self.

For those who may be offended by my comments, before you go saying that I’m not American because I have Asian Heritage, you should probably realize, I was born here,I was educated by the American school system, and english is probably the only language that I am fluent.

Too many tangents in this post. but seriously though, some people on internet are idiots..and shouldnt be allowed on the internet.

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two years later.

the other day I ran into an old floor-mate of mine from my freshmen year while i was moving stuff into my apartment at like 11:00pm. We spent probably an hour in the middle of the street, just talking about how we were doing, and what we had been up since we were first years. We also talked about what the other people on our floor were doing, or what we had heard about them.

I cannot believe that it has pretty much been two years since were lived on the ninth floor. Time has gone by way too quickly. I havent kept in touch with a lot of people on my floor, most likely due to my busy schedule, but looking back, it really puts somethings into perspective for me. There are even some people i havent seen from my floor since i moved out.

It’s interesting how almost two years ago, I lived with these people and now, many of them are like strangers, with familiar faces. How quickly relationships can fade in college.

Going into my third year, I would say the person that i was my freshmen year, and now, although I still possess many of my quirky attributes, i feel the thing that has changed most about me is my outlook on the world, and life.

i think that’s probably the main experience i’ll take away once my colleges days are over, The people i meet in college, the people i spend time with will be the thing i remember most about college, not the partying I did, or the hours of studying I put in.

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Came across this video while taking a study break. This video had me at tears towards the end so if you’re in the mood for something emotional…… watch this.

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shot a choreo video of Cups by Anna Kendricks! 

My friend directed this! Support!

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I honestly feel like a loner

most days of my life.

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Something i think is worth watching.

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Still get goosebumps when i read this poem.

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Just Turned 20.

Turning 20 really puts a lot of things into perspective. It really shows me how fast time really does go by. Two years ago, I was just about to enter college and here I am now, halfway through college. Looking back, I’ve realized that the 18 year old me, is quite different than 20 year old me. I guess its the opportunities that i have had in college that has helped me develop and change the way I approach many of things I do.

Two years ago, I was focused a lot more on my music, my passion, and now, I rarely have the time to just sit around and play my guitar. I had aspirations and goals for my music, and now all i have is disappointment upon disappointment towards my music. I guess its sad, but I don’t know anymore…

Two years ago, i was a great student, and now, I feel like im the total opposite. I dont know what it is. I’ve lost a lot of my motivation to do anything, and all i really want to do is sit around and not do anything at all. I just want to keep to myself and mope around. I guess its weird.

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